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Victoria corporate party venues

Many awkward, embarrassing and even fun things can happen at your corporate office party. Here are four things that are bound to happen that are out of your control.

1. Many people re-introduce themselves to other co-workers they have met before. While embarrassing, it happens more times than you think. The easiest thing is to swallow your pride, laugh about it and offer to buy them a drink. On the other hand you might have a little too much to drink and end up becoming best friends with a co-worker you wouldn't normally talk to. The sad thing is, when Monday rolls around you both will have probably already forgotten each others names.

2. Co-workers having sex with each other is always happening at office work parties. You start drinking, you start flirting and one thing leads to another. Employees need to be careful when engaging in this behavior. If you get caught you are likely to get fired. Secondly, if this person is someone you normally despise that will make for a very uncomfortable work environment.

3. In the same token, employees often have one drink too many and end up telling a rival co-worker how they really feel about them. There is a time and a place to be honest but an office Christmas party is not that time. Don't be catty or petty to someone because you have liquid courage. You could end up losing your position and it's not worth it.

4. The most popular thing that happens at an office Christmas party is over indulging in alcohol. If it's not you it will definitely be someone else. Make sure you eat while you are drinking at your work party. Do not potentially embarrass yourself by getting to drunk and having to face your co-workers the next day.