Peachland christmas party venues

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Peachland christmas party venues

Christmas party venues play a part in planning the perfect Christmas party, but when planning a corporate Christmas party you want to make it as less awkward as possible. A lot goes into planning such a party and you want to make your co-workers have a great time at the right venue. What's more awkward then not having a Christmas party at all? Especially if you hold one every year your co-workers are going to expect it. Don't let your employees down by skipping this year all together. If you're having a slow year there are ways to simplify and still have a great party. Not only will this cause issues when your trying to find a venue, but it shows a lack of respect for your employees time. Give them advanced notice about the party and show that you want this to be a special event for everyone. Plus, you’ll probably get a much better venue deal if you book as far in advance as possible. You must request an RSVP from all of your employees. It would be extremely awkward if more people showed up then planned and you run out of food. Speaking of food, pay attention to your co-workers food allergies. You don't want anyone to go without because you didn't think to provide a variety that everyone can enjoy. It's a good idea to plan activities. This makes it difficult for anyone to act as a recluse and stand alone in a corner. Holiday games will provide your co-workers that opportunity to socialize and avoid awkward conversations. Do not have your holiday work party at the office. Every one is going to be reminded of their work load or emails they need to get back to. It is always more relaxing to hold the event anywhere other than the office.

It's a well known fact that co-workers everywhere hook up during or after their corporate Christmas party. Over 24% of American's have had sex during an office holiday party. Ten percent of American's had had sex during the party on their bosses office or desk. Eighteen percent had admitted to having sex in the office conference room according to a study by the condom company Trojan. Trojan's poll also found that New Year’s, Christmas and workplace parties were rated the top three occasions for holiday hook-ups. So why do co-workers hook up at office work parties? If you think about it you probably see your co-worker more hours of the day then your spouse. The same goes if you are single, you see your co-worker more then your friends and family. This can lead to office crushes since you may be working side by side with this person. Office Christmas parties almost always lead to excessive alcohol consumption. This makes everyone lose their inhibitions and possibly confess their crush on their co-worker.

When it comes to alcohol, you are exposing your company to high liability when it comes to your impaired guest. There are different types of liability such as commercial, social and employer. To avoid alcohol liability issues make sure everyone that is drinking has a ride home. If not, those that are too intoxicated should be provided with a cab courtesy of the company. You will also be held liable if anyone in the company is a minor and sneaks drinks from the company open bar. You will be held liable if the employer has knowledge of the employee’s intoxication; and fails to take steps in preventing the employee from driving. You can avoid all of this by providing bartenders who are trained in noticing someone who is too intoxicated. You can provide cab vouchers to everyone that has been drinking. Provide non-alcoholic beverages or avoid an open bar altogether. You can give your employees a small number of drink tickets instead. Implement a "last call" or cut off time early preventing over excessive drinking. Circulate an email before the party reminding your employees to drink responsibly. If you hold your party at an off-site location you also lesson your liability. Generally the venue or restaurant will be responsible if any accidents happens after your employees leave their business. It is important you speak with your insurance advisor prior. Talk about getting special event coverage just to protect yourself.

Who would have thought that decorations could be a liability? It is important during the holidays that you do not focus on one specific religion. Not only will this make those of other religious beliefs uncomfortable, but you can also be sued for it. You also have a duty as an employer to provide a non-harassment workplace. Make sure your employees know beforehand if you are doing a gift exchange the rules. Nothing that is sexual in nature or contains explicit lyrics are an example.