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“The influence of online marketing on restaurant demand is expected to continue to increase” says Bonnie Riggs, NPD restaurant industry analyst. “It’s no longer a question of if online marketing should be a part of a restaurant operator’s overall marketing plan; it’s a must-have.” NPD Group / CREST®

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Benefits you can expect to see

  • Increased Party Bookings
  • User Friendly Online Profile
  • Improved Target Market Exposure
  • More Time to Focus on Core Business
  • Measurable Results
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  • Effective Utilization of Resources
  • Better Exposure in Search Engines
  • Cost Savings Over Traditional Marketing (ROI)

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  • Organizers can easily search for the best party venues and find YOU!
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Book a Party lets you present your venue to an audience that can’t wait for the party to start

Here’s how joining our site works to your advantage

THE PRICE IS RIGHT: Venues on pay a small monthly listing fee to unlock their listing and access full features. is not a party planning agency, a travel agency/agent, or an outside sales agency — and we do not broker/sell party bookings. We connect party planners directly with venues and do not charge commissions of any kind.

NO MORE HEADACHES: We know employees can give misinformation that can make or break a party booking, potentially costing your company thousands of dollars. We solve that problem by ensuring accurate, updated information is at an organizer’s fingertips.

FEEL CONFIDENT: You may not always be there to answer questions and sell the benefits of hosting a party at your venue, but we are. Our advanced search engine enables people to find exactly what they need to make their party happen, while promoting your venue 24/7.

TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: Get regular reports on search results, direct inquiries, bookings, clicks to your website, access to your phone number and a lot more.

BE SEEN BY EVERYONE: We are passionate about our site and its promotion. It’s where everyone will go to find their perfect party venue.

THE EVOLUTION OF MARKETING: Marketers dream of reaching every consumer with the right message, at the right time, and with the right context. Book a Party does that by connecting your business directly with party planners. When they are searching for a place to book a party, they think of you!

SHOWCASE YOUR VENUE: Our site is THE place for organizers to find party venues. We provide an exciting new format to present your venue, showcasing your best with in-depth info and photos. Customers are on our site ready to BOOK A PARTY. Don’t miss them.